General policy Rosendal Event AS
Your comfort and enjoyment will always be our goal, but safety is our highest priority in all of our arrangements. Our trips, hikes, rentals and guided tours are all planned and executed with your safety at the forefront. We use only experienced and qualified guides for our events.

All adventures involve at least some element of risk. We will always try to minimize the risk factor, but it is never possible to eliminate the possibility of incidents or accidents. Due to the high cost insuring customers, we are not able to offer you a personal insurance. We therefor strongly recommend you to have your own travel-insurance. All our guided tours and rentals of equipment are at your own risk.

Change of planned trips
If weather, force majeure or other safety factors make it difficult, inadvisable or impossible to perform our arrangements, we reserve the right to cancel or change our planned tours or events.

Personal responsibility
Customers should be physically and mentally fit for our trips and events and wear suitable attire for the activities planned. As our guest, you must follow our guides instructions and directions regarding behaviour in nature and safety regulations Consumption of alcohol or drugs is not allowed before or during rentals and tours.

Payment/cancellation penalty
We have an agreement, (confirmed booking) when the trip or event is paid for or confirmed by email/sms
If you for some reason have to cancel your booked trip/event :

* 15 days or more before the event; we are refunding your payment, minus an administration fee of 500 kroner. 

* From 14 days to 4 days before the event we are refunding 50% of paid amount.

* If cancellation within 3 days before the event; no refunds.

We recommend you to have an insurance which covers cancellation in case you are not able to attend the event.


Rights related to text and use of photos
In connection with some of our trips, we may publish text and photos at

Rosendal Event also use photos from trips in its market communication. These photos may be used in different media. If you do not wish to appear in such photos, you must inform your tour guide on departure at the latest.