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Inquire Booking

DAY 1:

Arrival in Rosendal

Three course dinner at 19.30

Briefing 20.30

Accomodation Rosendal Touristhotel


Breakfast and preparing your own lunch, "niste".

Pick up from your hotel at 10.00, we drive 30 minutes to Sundal.  We enter Folgefonna National Park and start walking our way up "Keiserstien" the old tourist track to the glacier. Depending on snow conditions we will start skiing at Gardshammar, after 3 hours of walking. After another 2 hours skiing we climb upon the glacier. We will be skiing on Folgefonna for about one hour before reaching Fonnabu where we are going to spend the evening and night. Fonnabu is a DNT cabin, 1450 msl. we enjoy a mountain made (tinned) dinner.

DAY 3:

0800: Breakfast and preparing niste for the next 8 hours. We are skiing towards the top of the glacier before setting course southbound to Volarusta. On top of Folgefonna we are able to see Hardangervidda in the east, and if the visibility is good we will be able to see Hårteigen and even Gaustatoppen. On the west side we will be able to see Hardangerfjorden, Gygrastol, Melderskin and may be all the way to the ocean, Nordsjøen. After 3 to 4 hour we are leaving the glacier behind, starting our descend towards Rosendal. We are walking along Prestavatnet and the spectacular Ringeriksfossen, waterfall, before reaching Hattebergsdalen, 8 to 9h.

We will have pick up by our van driving us down to Rosendal Touristhotel where refreshments are waiting.

Three course dinner at the restaurant (incl in 4 days trip)

Accomodation Rosendal Touristhotel

DAY 4: 

0800:  Breakfast and then departing from Rosendal




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  1. Rosendal
  2. Sundal
  3. Fonnabu
  4. top of Folgefonna
  5. Fonnavatn
  6. Rosendal